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TiProD: Tissue specific promoter Database

After selecting one of the main categories SAGE human or mouse or CGAP human, you have the possibility to enter your search criteria in the main window.
You may search for genes in tissue, tissues for a UniGene ID or genes matching a GO id or term.
It is also possible to use a combination of the search criteria, for example a tissue together with a GO term. So you can, for example, retrieve genes specific for the liver and where the gene product is part of the fatty metabolism.

As search result you will get a list of tissues or genes with a specificity value assigned. A specificity value of one indicates that the gene is expressed at the same level as in other tissues. A value above one implies that the gene is expressed at a higher level compared to other tissues.

The specificity value represents a relative value and should not be interpreted as exact level of overexpression. I. e. a specificity value of two does not mean that the expression rate of this gene in this tissue is twice the rate of other tissues. Please also consider, that it is not possible to determine if a given gene is not expressed in a tissue or was not measured in the experiment.

Above the list of genes a link is provided to get the regulatory region (500bp upstream) of the gene as fasta file.


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