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TiProD: Tissue specific promoter Database

The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP) collects gene expression profiles of normal and cancer tissues or cell lines. CGAP uses experimental data based on cDNA libraries, EST-data (Expressed Sequence Tags) and SAGE profiles (Serial Analysis of Gene Expression) to collect organ/tissue specific gene expression in human or mouse.

Our TiProD system make use of these experimental data to calculate tissue specific gene expression of up to now healthy tissues. We assign these tissue specificity to their corresponding regulatory regions based on EPD, DBTSS, and Ensembl annotation.

Search TiProD:

  • Search for expressed genes in an organ or tissue of the CGAP EST/SAGE
  • libraries for human or mouse
  • Search for a single unigene acc in all available tissues/organs
  • Search for Gene Ontology (GO) term or ID.
  • Each of the three single quries can be combined

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